Meeting & Workshop Facilitation 

Conversations lead to ideas which lead to action. Let us help you design conversations that are efficient, effective, and engaging. Don’t waste any more time on meetings that don’t achieve results.

  • Analysis Workshops (SWOT, Portfolio, Lessons Learned)
  • Brainstorming Workshops
  • Business Modeling Workshops
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Mapping Sessions (Context, Empathy, Process, Stakeholder)
  • Project Planning/Roadmapping Workshops

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Business Process Documentation

Focus your time on your highest value activities. If you don’t have a defined process for completing essential business activities, you and your team waste valuable time that can never be recovered. Let us work with you to create overviews, process flows, and frameworks to document tasks step-by-step. We can also support you in developing tools and resources to train and educate those who need to know.

  • Checklists
  • Dashboards
  • Forms
  • Job Binders
  • Meeting & Agenda Templates
  • Organizational Charts
  • Operational Frameworks
  • Playbooks
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Process Manuals
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Training Materials

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Team Development

Your business is your team. Setting a clear direction isn’t enough. You need a team that is aligned, engaged and committed to building a better business every day. Building a high-performing team doesn’t happen on its own. We can guide you through the process of building a team that can fast track your business results.

  • Understand who your team is and their unique skills, aspirations, and needs.
  • Create shared mental models that makes the invisible visible.
  • Agree on a set of simple guiding principles that directs the choices you make every day.
  • Create a shared vision of where your team or business is headed.
  • Engage in an activity that gets 100% participation and is also a ton of fun!

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