Resources to Expand your Thinking

The internet is filled with resources and sometimes its hard to know where to start. Over the last couple of years, I’ve started to keep track of the articles, books, podcasts, videos and websites that I have found to be of interest. I’ve compiled theses resources and shared them on my website for those who may be interested in exploring these topics further.

Resources have been separated by themes on different pages (as the lists have gotten longer). Select the theme below that you are interested in digging into. Happy reading, listen and watching.

Side note 1: I update the pages on an irregular basis as I come across new stuff that I think is worth keeping track of, so be sure to check back regularly for new additions.

Side note 2: I’d ask for recommendations for my pages, but seeing as how I’m clearly not a writer or a blogger, nor have I uncovered the internet’s secret recipe for “monetizing my website”, I will stick to client work which means the time devoted to managing comments on my website is currently very limited.

Graphic Facilitation & Sketchnoting Resources

Organizational Development Resources

Serious Play Resources

Visual Thinking Reading List