Your business has lots of moving parts. Challenges arise when there is poor or no process, documentation, or communication. We work with you & your team to define what you do & how you do it in a simple way.

Focus your time on your highest value activities. If you don’t have a defined process for completing essential business activities, you and your team waste valuable time that can never be recovered. As a leader, you need a clear understanding at a high level of the process. Team members who perform the work need the details of how to do it, especially if they are new.

When you lack business processes documentation, it can be next to impossible to track and measure results. Let us work with you build and develop your internal processes so you and you team can spend your time on the activities that provide the greatest impact.

Tools and resources we can help you create.
  • Checklists
  • Dashboards
  • Forms
  • Job Binders
  • Operational Frameworks
  • Organizational Charts
  • Meeting & Agenda Templates
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Process Manuals
  • Playbooks
  • Training Materials
  • Quick Reference Guides
How we do it.
  1. Identification: define the process(s) you want to design or redesign.
  2. People: identify what people are involved in the process. Who will be affected by the process? (Internal & External)
  3. Current State: explain what you are currently doing. How do you do it? What documentation do you have (if any)?
  4. Observation: interview and observe what people are doing. Is it in alignment with your understanding of current practices?
  5. Opportunity: identify opportunities you are currently missing. What can you do better?
  6. Design: develop tools and resources to support your process. What would simplify things and create consistency? (Charts, process diagrams, playbooks, job aids.)
  7. Validate: confirm the resources capture the process. Are the processes and tools practical for you and your team?
  8. Communicate: educate the people involved in the process. Do they understand how the process works and what is expected of them?
  9. Follow-Up: reconnect to ensure that the process supports the desired outcome and identify other related processes.

Let us help you build tools and resources so that you can make a greater impact, contact us to learn more.